Things You Need To Look Before Choosing Skin Care Products


Skin care products plays a vital role in maintaining skin care routine and without them it is almost impossible to get desired results. Hence, skin care products Cape Town have become an integral part of our everyday routine. When choosing such products, there are certain things which you must consider in order to get desired results.

Below are few things which you must consider before buying any skin care product:

Active Ingredients

Ingredients are generally listed in descending order to 1 percent, starting with the largest amount in product and moving down to the smallest one. Ingredients that are less than 1 percent can be listed in any order. Before purchasing any product, you must check the concentration of the ingredients. There are many products that contains Co-Q10, a substance which is known to prevent damage of lipids on the skin surface, this product is usually less than the label claims. You must look for verified symbols for added assurance on quality of the product. In case, if you are not familiar with any ingredients then you must gain thorough knowledge about it. Look for skin care products  that have high concentration of active ingredients which most likely make them more effective and provide desired results.

Expiration Date

This may sound quite obvious to check the expiry date of the products before buying them but do you know that expired products can carry numerous harmful bacteria that can cause rashes, blemishes and even skin infections. You should also look for the Period After Opening (PAO) symbol-a jar and floating lid with a number followed by M on it tells you how long the product is good or usable after opening. For instance, if it has 12M, it means the product will expire in 12 months. If not signs, then it is mentioned on the packaging itself as a written text. There are a lot of other numbers mentioned on the back of products which makes it traceable back to its origin incase if anything goes wrong.


Your moisturizer should contain a physical sunblock with an SPF of at least 30. Similarly, your lipstick or lip balm should have physical sunblock of at least 15 SPF. It helps in guarding against UV rays.

Ingredients That Work For Your Skin Type

There are different ingredients that work for different skin type. Here you will want to look for specific ingredients and avoid others.

Sensitive Skin

If you have a sensitive skin, then you should go for skin care products Cape Town which contain fewer ingredients. You must now use too many anti-aging ingredients in a go rather look for calming ingredients such as aloe, chamomile, tea polyphenols.

Dry Skin

Use a cream or ointment-less irritating and more effective for dry skin instead of a lotion. You should look for an ointment or cream that contains jojoba oil, olive oil or shea butter. These ingredients have a soothing effect on dry skin and helps nourishing it inside out. Other ingredients in this trail are urea, hyaluronic acid, lactic acid, lanolin, mineral oil and glycerin.

Oily Skin

If you have an oily skin, you should use an oil free and non-comedogenic cleanser that contains benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid to prevent breakouts. Having oily skin doesn’t mean it does not require moisturizer but make sure you choose a lightweight and non-comedogenic formula.

With the above considerations, you will surely be able to choose the best skin care products but if you have some major skin issues then it is better to consult a dermatologist.

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