What Happens When You Don’t Moisturise Your Skin?


How many of you skip applying a moisturizer after having a bath? A huge fraction of people totally avoids a body lotion leaving their skin vulnerable. Our skin is the largest organ of the body. The epidermis is the upper visible outer dermis protects the inner layers which consist of the muscles and the nerves. In order to nourish your epidermal cells, a moisturizer is vital. Drinking enough quantity of water and eating a balanced diet will hydrate your skin.

But moisture has its own health benefits which can’t be obtained from the other sources. Some people think using cosmetics will degrade their body and step away from moisture. Instead they can use natural body lotion and reap the benefits of these cosmetic products. If you are still thinking of not using moisturizer, here is what can happens –

1. Dryness

The surface of the dermis is exposed to sunlight and air. The natural moisture of the outer layer is often snatched at the time you take a shower, wash your body, or don’t hydrate your body. Dry skin is more vulnerable to irritation and early ageing. If your skin is naturally dry, using the best body lotion for dry skin is a must. You can even go for a deeply moisturizing formula; when the lotion will get absorbed by the skin all the dullness will get vanished!

2. Sun Damage

It’s no brainer that exposing your body to sunlight is dangerous. The harmful UV rays can penetrate your clothes and reach the body. The UVA and UVB rays attack your dermis and break down the collagen fibre. It takes away the softness and increases the wrinkles. Not only this sun is the main cause of cancer. The best body lotion in India contains UV-protective ingredients such as zinc oxide, oxybenzone, etc. An SPF of at least 15 is recommended. These lotions add a protective layer which is hard for the sun rays to break.

3. Ageing changing the cells

Ageing is a natural process which can’t be stopped but using the right moisturizer can reduce the speed. According to dermatologists, antioxidants protect the epithelium from the free radicals which damage the dermis. A good moisturizer stimulates the cell-growth. It should be apart of your daily skincare regime. Using a moisturizer will keep your demis youthful in the long run.

4. Lost Glow

The moisture on the epidermis gets evaporated with time. With age, our skin lose its elasticity and glow. You don’t need to undergo expensive body beauty treatments for having glowing skin. Regular usage of natural body lotion will add more luminance to your body.

Now the next time you are in front of the bathroom mirror pick the moisture otherwise you will come under the radar of the above-mentioned troubles in no time. If you haven’t purchased a moisturizer yet, buy one. It is a small step towards pampering your epidermal layer. The beauty experts advice you add a layer of moisturizing even under the makeup.

Always choose a lotion as per your skin type. Buying a lotion with ascents and thickness that suits your body is vital. It helps you to get used it.

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